African organisations to benefit from Rubrik’s integration with Pure Storage

African organisations to benefit from Rubrik’s integration with Pure Storage

African organisations to benefit from Rubrik’s integration with Pure Storage; solution delivers integrated hybrid cloud functionality, simplicity and performance across all environments.

Rubrik, a Cloud Data Management company, has announced its data protection solution for Pure Storage FlashBlade, along with new integration between Rubrik’s Cloud Data Management Products and Pure Storage’s FlashArray//M. With this new collaboration, customers can achieve simplicity, performance and integrated data management across hybrid cloud environments.

“We are pleased to lead the market with our data protection solution for FlashBlade. Finally, customers can achieve unparalleled simplicity, performance and scalability across their environment with Pure and Rubrik,” says Bipul Sinha, founder and CEO of Rubrik. “Our integration truly ties together Pure’s performance and manageability, to Rubrik’s cloud native data fabric, making data more agile across hybrid cloud environments.”

Rubrik Cloud Data Management integration across Pure Storage’s FlashArray//M and FlashBlade, delivers high-performance backups without compromising application consistency, granularity, or cloud mobility.
Customers using Rubrik and Pure will receive numerous valuable benefits, including deployments in under one hour versus weeks, and management across a data fabric that spans on-premises and cloud.”

Further benefits include:

  • Unrivalled performance with near zero latency and significantly reduces VM stuns;
  • Seamless scalability;
  • Powerful onboard reporting; and
  • Reductions in footprint by 70 percent or more.

Anton Jacobsz, managing director at Networks Unlimited, the distributor of Rubrik in Africa, notes that pairing Rubrik with the Pure platform is advantageous to businesses in Africa wanting to enhance their operational savings, storage and disaster recovery. “A real bonus is that this can now be done in a straightforward manner obliterating storage and backup complexity,” he points out.

Rubrik’s support for FlashBlade, Pure Storage’s unstructured data offering, has been designed to cater to companies running complex, data intensive workloads between private and public clouds.

“We are excited to partner with Rubrik on this integration because it offers clear benefits of simplicity and performance for hybrid cloud environments,” highlights Matt Burr, VP of Global FlashBlade and FlashStack, Pure Storage. “For forward thinking IT teams who are seeking innovative and efficient technology, Rubrik and Pure are a great choice.”

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