Shadow of the Tomb Raider drops today

Shadow of the Tomb Raider drops today

Shadow of the Tomb Raider drops today

Eidos Montréal and Crystal Dynamics’ Shadow of the Tomb Raider launches today. The stakes are higher, the world is bigger, and there’s an apocalyptic spin on the classic Tomb Raider narrative.

The most ambitious take on the series, Shadow of the Tomb Raider has a lot going on, but it manages to stay engaging and fun action-adventure game. The story follows Lara as she deals with an impending apocalypse by searching for an ancient artefact that can prevent it.

Set in South America, there are plenty of jungle action sequences to keep players entertained. There’s also the classic Tomb Raider puzzle mechanic that comes into play throughout the game, leaving a few head-scratcher moments before the story can progress.

Lara’s back, and this time, she’s facing the end of the world. So yeah, that’s a pretty big challenge, even for a Croft.

Shadow of the #TombRaider arrives on PS4 tomorrow:

— PlayStation Europe (@PlayStationEU) September 13, 2018

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (Microsoft Windows).

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