Education Innovation Summit returns to Johannesburg for 3rd year

Education Innovation Summit returns to Johannesburg for 3rd year

The Education Innovation Summit is set to take place on 31 May 2018 at the Hilton, Sandton in Johannesburg, South Africa. Hosted by IT News Africa, the summit is designed to bring together innovation leaders and the academic community to accelerate innovative thinking in education. It will further provide discussion topics about cutting-edge education technology challenges facing the industry today. Moreover, the summit explores technology innovations that will enhance teaching and learning in the academic institutions.

The 3rd Education Innovation Summit returns to Johannesburg. (Image: Dean Workman)

Under the theme “Transforming Education with Technology”, the Education Innovation Summit will create opportunities for valuable conversations as the event will encourage interactive, roundtable discussions and case studies from leading academics, CIOs, regulators, NGOs, service providers and EduTech entrepreneurs, all sharing their experiences on what works and what does not.

Who should attend?

The summit will include a vast range of participants such as CIOs of educational institutions, Education policy development representatives, Education NGOs, Principals, EduTech entrepreneurs, Academics, University Chancellors, Directors of Education, Curriculum Development Specialists, Technology Service Providers and Government officials responsible for education.

Key topics to be discussed:

  • How assistive technology is changing special education.
  • Overcoming barriers to tech adoption in education.
  • Change management: administrators and educational technologies- narrowing the divide.
  • Fostering creativity through introducing design thinking to the educational process.
  • Practical challenges of digital learning: getting the balance right for future-thinking.
  • Transforming education: the power of ICT policies
  • Navigating the road blocks to innovation in education.
  • Transforming Education: The power of ICT Policies
  • Reimagining the Role of Technology in Higher Education
  • Innovation in Education: what works, what doesn’t, and what to do about it?
  • ICT Integration in Education – Incorporation for Teaching & Learning Improvement
  • Creating an e-learning strategy that works


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