Huawei launches P Smart smartphone

Huawei launches P Smart smartphone

Huawei P Smart.

Huawei South Africa Consumer Business Group (CBG) has introduced the all-new Huawei P Smart. According to the firm, the latest device comes with a full view display and a dual camera setup.

As stated by the firm at the launch event of the Huawei P Smart, the Huawei P Smart continues the design language of the P Series characterised by simplicity and elegance – a slim metallic body, flat smooth rear surface, with striking aesthetics.

Likun Zhao GM, Huawei Consumer Business stated that: “Our new P Smart brings you flagship features at an affordable price. It’s the first time the industry will see both a dual camera and full view display at this price range and we are excited to introduce this to the South African market.”

To find out more about the Huawei P Smart, watch the video below:

The company further stated that the Huawei P Smart’s full view display brings an immersive viewing experience, while the enhanced camera qualities provide advanced bokeh effects and photography functions, such as the beauty camera mode and the gesture shot. At the launch, we were also introduced to the phone’s four intelligent sensing functions: facial recognition, gender recognition, 10-level skin improvement and automatic perception that lets you capture unforgettable photos and flawless selfies.

The P Smart, as revealed by Huawei, hides three antennas in the upper and lower parts of the metallic body to avoid the traditional three-section design’s impact on body aesthetics while ensuring seamless communication experience. With an ingenious architecture and a beautiful body with 2.5D curved screen design, the Huawei P Pmart feels even more compact and comfortable in hand. The Huawei P Smart also features a unique One-touch Split-screen mode supporting the simultaneous running of two apps.

Combining 13MP + 2MP rear dual cameras and 16-level dual shot blurring, the Huawei P Smart, as stated by the firm, makes your photos impressive and stereoscopic. Furthermore, with high-precision camera sensors, high-density phase detection pixels, the 13Mp HD camera focuses on real-time, accuracy and speed, thus accurately capturing exciting moments. In order to improve photography at night, the Huawei P Smart features five groups of precision lenses, bringing cleaner, purer photos in low light.

As revealed by Huawei, the Huawei P Smart also includes the new EMUI 8.0 operating system (OS) (based on Android 8.0), taking usability to new levels for fast and intuitive feature use. the Huawei P Smart also features a Kirin 659 processor. EMUI 8.0 uses the latest enhanced file processing system that reduces and cleans system fragmentation quietly while reducing file fragmentation, allowing your smartphone to run faster and more smoothly.

Adding to the features, the Huawei P Smart series is equipped with a rear fingerprint sensor. Huawei has also combined fingerprint recognition with other functions to develop apps such as fingerprint navigation, fingerprint shot and alarm clock deactivation.

Additionally, with Huawei’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the Huawei P Smart offers more high-quality, convenient scenario experiences, such as Wifi bridge, Phone Clone, Huawei Share and Dual Bluetooth Connections.

In order to enhance the battery life of smartphones with a full view, the Huawei P Smart features a 3,000-mAh battery in combination with the Intelligent Power-saving technology 6.0, which supports background real-time detection of power-hungry apps, comprehensive power consumption test and one-key optimisation to save power significantly and help extend battery life greatly.

The Huawei P Smart is available for purchase at all operators in South Africa from 13th February 2018. Huawei P smart Series is available at a recommended retail price (RRP) of R 3999 at all operators.

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