Twitter meltdown as Trump calls African countries Sh**holes

Twitter meltdown as Trump calls African countries Sh**holes

Twitter meltdown as Trump calls African countries Sh**holes.

On Thursday 11 January 2018, Donald Trump, President of the USA, referred to African nations as “shithole countries” during a meeting with a bipartisan group of senators at the White House. This is according to a report by NBC News.

According to a report by The Washington Post, the comments were made during the portion of the conversation about Haiti — which came at the top of the exchange that led to the “shithole” comment — the president questioned why Haitians should be given specific consideration.

The meeting in Oval Office was around the path forward on an immigration deal. When the group came to discussing immigration from Africa, Trump asked why America would want immigrants from “all these shithole countries” and that the U.S. should rather look to have more people coming in from places like Norway.

The White House later issued a statement that did not deny the remarks. The remarks have led to outrage on social media platforms, Twitter in particular. Many Africans, and indeed other nations included in the comments, took to the platforms to express their indignation on the matter.

Here are some of the reactions:

He is unstoppable. He speaks whatever nonsense that comes to his small brain and doesn’t care who he offends in the process. Donald Trump

— KolitaMphela (@KolitaLebo) January 12, 2018

The most disturbing thing about trump’s “shithole” remarks is the way in which his White House encourages assimilation. If that’s not a mark of white supremacy, I don’t know what is

— Tess Francis (@Tess_Francis) January 12, 2018

Wrong question. We should be saying that any African President who does not take Trump to task agrees that his country is a Shithole.
If the leader then agrees that he is running a shithole, the next thing he must resign. Not likely, though.

— Boreka (@boreka89) January 12, 2018

How soon we forget that these “shithole” countries built #America through evil slavery and cheap labour. Time for #MAGA. #MakeAfricaGreatAgain. “‘Unkind, divisive, elitist’: international outcry over Trump’s ‘shithole countries’ remark.”

— Thebe Ikalafeng (@ThebeIkalafeng) January 12, 2018

Dear African Leaders. If you dont realize that the Africa comment by #Trump is an indictment on YOUR leadership, then I cant help you.

— mkhululi mlati (@new_afrika) January 12, 2018

“Shit hole” countries like those in Africa.

Now you know what Trump thinks of this continent.

— Sure Kamhunga (@sure_kamhunga) January 12, 2018

We must all be outraged by @RealDonad_Trump‘s racist comments on Haiti &Africa. @AfricanUnion @PaulKagame dont be silent.Say something about this. We may be poor but we cant accept this stupidity.

— Mu Mwananyanda (@MuleyaM) January 12, 2018

Is it possible for that orange man to demean himself & his country more than he has done, I ask? That Trump was elected is crazy enough but that he’s still in office is beyond comprehension. I’ve nothing but contempt for him & his followers. Bravo on yr brilliant rant @Trevornoah

— Suzanne Brenner (@prowriting) January 12, 2018

So Trump called Africa a shithole? WOW…
then he says he’s NOT RACIST and has ALOT of BLACK friends.
Am i just the one reading too much into his statement or?

— Rossetto_e_baci (@Rossetto_e_Baci) January 12, 2018

Trump called Africa & Haiti shitholes? I have a smart, beautiful African sister (who loves her home country ) who’s immigrating to the USA in a week. This kind of Trump ignorance scares me.

— Curly n Femme (@Addie10265601) January 12, 2018

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