What you need to ask your reseller when buying a device

What you need to ask your reseller when buying a device

Purchasing a device is not as easy as it used to be – we are spoilt for choice and selecting the right product to suit your needs can result in months of research.

With so many brands to choose from, buying a new device is not as simple as selecting the device of your choice and making the payment. Buyers need to consider factors such the camers, if the devices addresses their needs, battery performance, the device size, storage, brand as well as their budget.

What many people don’t realise when buying a new product is that while they get lost in the beauty of their purchase, they’re very likely not asking the right questions of their reseller upfront. And no, we’re not referring to, “Do you have it in rose gold?”.  Getting a new device might seem like an easy decision but how does one really know whether the laptop, cellphone or tablet is suited for them.

Gaynor MacArthur, Sales Director at Digicape – an Apple Premium Reseller (APR) – highlights four important questions you need to be asking your reseller when making a purchase.

Who does your repairs?
Always ask your reseller whether they have an Apple Authorised Warranty Service Centre. “Some resellers do not have an in-house service centre and rely on external companies for repairs, which generally require the product to be shipped. An authorised Apple in-house service centre, such as we have at Digicape, ensures a faster turnaround time,” says MacArthur. Certain resellers also provide a replacement should you be ‘device-less’ for a while, so if you don’t have a spare at home, ensure that you ask this question upfront.

What happens if I need support?
Ask if your reseller has an accessible support centre readily available to assist you if and when needed. Digicape, for example, offers customers a free consultation if a faulty device is brought in to the store, as well as the convenience of a call-out (outbound) service, for a fee.

Who can help with my device setup and other questions I might have?
Premium Apple resellers have trained staff and accessible call centres that can assist with any set-up questions you might have. “Be sure to check that staff members are trained Apple professionals, and ask for a direct contact number,” says MacArthur.

Do you offer training?
“Many people aren’t aware there’s training available that can help you get to grips with a new device,” says MacArthur. Certain resellers such as Digicape, offer workshops and training to customers – from beginner (the PC-switcher course is particularly popular with first time Mac users) right through to pro-level. “Even if you’re fairly tech savvy, most of us are not using our devices to their full potential. Training helps you realise the full capabilities of your product,” explains MacArthur.

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