South African Social Media Blackout

South African Social Media Blackout

Social Media Blackout in South Africa in protests against data prices.

Today, Wednesday the 21st of June, South Africans are set to undergo a social media blackout in response to the data prices in the country. The call for the blackout, was made on twitter, along with the re-ignition of the #DataMustFall campaign, looks to pressurise telecoms companies companies across the country to reevaluate their data prices.

The #SocialMediaBlackOut was started by Ntsiki Mazwai, South African poet and musician, who asked her over 80 000 Twitter followers to boycott social networks like Facebook and Twitter, “I will not be on social media on Wednesday 21 June because #DataMustFall and it is long overdue we took action. Don’t buy data. Don’t login,” she tweeted on Tuesday morning.

The campaign, which comes off the back of famous South Africa DJ Tbo Touch’s #DataMustFall campaign of last year, drew reactions from South African on twitter.

Here are the best reactions:

If you sign up for #SocialMediaBlackout, the rest of us are gonna talk about you behind your back nê? #justsaying

— Rob AF. (@RobForbesDJ) June 20, 2017

Yes it is #SocialMediaBlackout so does this include emails, SMS, whatsapp, selfy, video calls just to say “Hi” since I can’t like status.

— Jèrs (@GavaneCage) June 21, 2017

#SocialMediaBlackout Join the movement.

— viaCarlito (@ViaCarlito) June 21, 2017

Wi-Fi hotspot is doing the most #SocialMediaBlackout I’m not a sellout i didn’t buy data

— Stifler (@Skipper_Caven) June 21, 2017

Go read a book, spend time with bae, finish deadlines, do an all night prayer…just DON’T LOG ON.Stand✊#DataMustFall

— TJR Maketha (@TJRMakhetha) June 20, 2017

#SocialMediaBlackout this says it all

— aⓂbongile2017™ (@ambo04) June 20, 2017

It’s not about boycotting Social Media platforms, but reminding expensive data networks that people hold the power! ✊️#SocialMediaBlackOut

— Ulrich J van Vuuren (@UlrichJvV) June 20, 2017

Ok wait, so you going on #SocialMediaBlackout but you still surf the webz,, send emails…..

— Villain Scaramanga (@Subzero_999) June 21, 2017


#DataMustFall #SocialMediaBlackout When trying to stay off all Social Media platforms, but my twitter notifications…… Be Like!!!!

— Brandon Booysen (@Boyas112) June 21, 2017

Testing testing testing 1 2 3….. Anybody out there??? #SocialMediaBlackout

— Leanne Manas (@LeanneManas) June 21, 2017


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