Renew your car license on your phone with FNB

FNB App users to be able to renew car license on their mobile devices.

Customers of South African bank, First National Bank (FNB), will now be able to renew their car license on their mobile phones. This is thanks to the recently launched Nav Car platform on the FNB App.

Users simply have to scan their license disk with their smartphone and then will use in-app payments to settle the outstanding fee. The license disk is then delivered to the user’s door where the users will have to pay a handling and delivery fee of R199.

The App will give South African motorists peace of mind as it will remind users when their license is going to expire ensuring they never have to have “that” conversation with police officers. The platform will also offer other new features which are aimed at helping users manage their vehicle-related payments. This includes on-the-go traffic fine notifications, vehicle finance management.

“Car owners in South Africa would appreciate the support of services that make vehicle ownership easier and keep them safer on our roads. The Nav Car solution makes navigating the roads that much simpler for our customers by addressing several pain points through access to a range of features and solutions via the FNB app,” says the platforms chief imagineer Jolandé Duvenage.

The platform will also offer an all exclusive Nav Car On-road Protect bundle at a monthly fee of R95. The bundle includes vehicle license renewal for up to five license discs with free delivery, fine discounts negotiated on the user’s behalf, bail assistance at roadblocks, and Road Accident Fund claim assistance.

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