Instagram now offers private collections

Instagram now offers private collections

Instagram is introducing private collections in their latest update.

Social media platform, Instagram, announced in a statement on their website that the will be offering a new update which will allow users to save and organise posts into private collections.

Users will be able to create and name a new collection when saving a post or they will be able to save the post to an already existing collection. Fans of the platform will be happy to hear that you can also create a collection out of your existing saved posts.

To create these collections the user will have to tap the plus icon in the top right corner, they will then have to give their collection a name and finally select the saved posts that they would like to add to the collection.

The collections update comes after Instagram users were finally given the ability to save images when the previous update was release last December.

The collections will be viewed just like all other saved posts and just like those posts, a users collections will be private and secure.

This update is available for iOS and Android in the Apple App Store and Google Play as part of Instagram version 10.16.

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