The inaugural IOT Forum Africa was an overwhelming success.

Internet of Things Forum Africa (IOTFA) took place at the Gallagher Convention Centre on the 29th and 30th of March. The two day event brought together leaders of industry to discuss all the latest developments in IoT.

Focusing on the theme “Powering a new era of operational intelligence,” the top class speakers at the conference eloquently unscrambled IoT providing the array of decision makers and executives from various industries in attendance with a better understanding of the IoT landscape as a whole.

In addition to the enthralling presentations, there were various exhibitors at IOTFA who showcased the most innovative and cutting edge technologies and services around IoT, demonstrating to the attendees exactly what IoT can do for their businesses.

Speakers at IOTFA include:
Prof Hlengiwe Mkhize, Deputy Minister, Dept. of Telecom and Postal Services
Jamie Whittaker, Chief Digital Officer at Discovery Limited
Brett StClair, Head of Digital Products Barclays Africa Group                                                                                                     Reshaad Sha, Chief Executive Officer at SqwidNet
David Hoelscher, Marketing Director IoT Solutions at Huawei                                                                                                     Melao Mashale, Senior Manager – Enterprise IoT Solutions at MTN Business
Len Berzen, Head of Strategy and IT Architecture,WIMI at Barclays Africa Group Limited

Key topics include:
The IoT Revolution: From “Things” to business outcomes
Deploying an IoT solution. A strategic overview for decision makers
Creating a sustainable framework for IoT Integration
Creating value from connecting “things” and assessing the commercial feasibility and monetization of IoT
IoT, Big Data & the City: A standards perspective
Reinventing IT security to support IoT
How will IoT remake your industry?
In what ways can IoT improve efficiency, enable innovation and drive real business transformation?

Testimonials on IOTFA:
Skhumbuzo Mhlongo (BCX): What I liked mostly was to interact with some of the industry leaders and to look at some of the drivers of technology’s adoption. The whole session of interacting with other operators was actually quite refreshing because some of it gave you a view to where this thing is going. It was nice because it was small and it did not confuse one, it was focused and not cluttered like other bigger conferences.

Jula Wedler (Altech): It was an excellent event, it was very focused so the kind of customers we got and the discussions that we had was so focused, there was not much in the way of time wasting. I wouldn’t say it was quantity but it was quality. It was very beneficial for us and definitely money well spent.

Sean Laval (Comsol Networks): We found the event very valuable. The quality of the speakers was very good, the panels were good. We also found that we engaged with the right customer base and we look forward to IoT Forum Africa 2018.

By Dean Workman

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