Africa Reacts to Oscars Meltdown

Africa Reacts to Oscars Meltdown

Twitter reacts to the biggest fail in Oscars history.

The 89th Academy Awards was held on Sunday the 26th of February in Los Angeles. On Monday as Africa woke up to the news of the ongoing awards in the United States, something had happened that sent the internet into meltdown.

The biggest award of the evening, Best Picture, was widely expected to go to “La La Land”. So, when presenters Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty announced “La La Land” as for Best Picture the crowd applauded as if their expectations had been met. However, no one could have predicted what unfolded as the team behind the movie took to the stage to receive their Oscar.

A mistake had been made, the presenters had read out the wrong name. The actual winner was “Moonlight”, and in the biggest fail in Oscars history, the team from “La La Land” had to graciously hand back their award and call the “Moonlight” producers to the stage to accept their award.

This sent social media into a meltdown as no one could quite believe what had happened. Here are some of the best reactions from Africa:

The more you hear about the #Oscars stuff up, the more it seems contrived. More than likely La La Land won by votes, Moonlight is better PR.

— The Ronny Sinatra (@RonnySinatra) February 27, 2017

Should I feel bad for La La Land’s humiliation? Maybe. Do I? #Moonlight #Oscars

— Iman Allie (@ImanAllie) February 27, 2017

La La Land / Moonlight / Manchester By The Sea #oscars

— Kenny Everything™ (@KennyEverything) February 27, 2017


The Oscars just pulled a Steve Harvey!!! Moonlight and NOT La La Land won best picture award!! #oscars

— Leanne Manas (@LeanneManas) February 27, 2017

La La Land tried stealing Moonlight’s shine #Oscars

— Sphe (@SpheB_Ngcobo) February 27, 2017


They announced ‘La La Land’ the winner by mistake instead of ‘Moonlight’ #Oscars

— IG: ConceptSixty5 (@Sentletse) February 27, 2017


Wait, what?
La La Land won the Oscar for #BestPicture

Wait a min…#oscars #Moonlight

— Roberto Blizzard (@VeganYogaDude) February 27, 2017

















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