Nigeria: Social Media reacts to data hikes

Nigeria: Social Media reacts to data hikes

Nigeria’s prepare to pay more for their data starting December 1, 2016.

With reports making the rounds about the increase of data with effect from December 1, 2016 social media has been abuzz. This has got many in Nigeria voicing their disappointment on the issue. Although there has not been an official statement from the Global System of Mobile telecommunications the rumour has sent the messes on panic mode.

The directive to increase data prices was given by the Nigeria Communication Commission and telecommunications company, MTN Nigeria sent out SMS’s to subscribers its subscribers confirming the news. Glo also sent a message to subscribers

The decision was taken by the Federal Government when it was discovered that Nigeria has the lowest data rates compared to other countries.

Many pointing their frustration on newly elected President Muhammadu Buhari. Users on twitter had this to say:

May God punish everyone, male and female that campaigned and voted for Buhari.

You can insult me now that you still have data to waste.

— Dragonfly (@AuntyOsaki) November 29, 2016

Buhari increased fuel price and nothing happened
No ‘occupy’ because “our people dey power now”
What is Data that he can’t increase?

— Ebube D Statesman (@akaebube) November 29, 2016

Buhari wants to increase the price of data so it will be too expensive for us to come on twitter and lament about his government.
Stay woke

— sleezy E. (@BadmanSophss) November 28, 2016

Data price increase: Buhari trying to reduce criticism of his government – Social media users…

— gia (@nottinbutaig) November 30, 2016

On the first day of Christmas Buhari sent to me:
An increase in Data tariff…

— Mike Asukwo (@Asukwoeb) November 30, 2016

When I said we haven’t hit rock bottom yet with Buhari, you thought it was just yarns…soon you won’t have data to disturb my mentions. 😂

— JoyceOdukoya (@JoyceOdukoya) November 29, 2016

WhatsApp just started video call and Buhari wants to increase data price

— Yoruba Boy Not Demon (@iam_tomilade) November 29, 2016

Just when people started dancing that data will soon be very cheap, buhari happened.

— Eshin Monaco (@5nBOI) November 29, 2016

How I’ll start dodging twerk videos on Instagram once Buhari turns data to diamond

— BILLION (@BillionTwiTs) November 29, 2016

Increase in bank charges and mobile data prices
… Smart buhari… His real target #mmm

— MusicGeneralNG (@MusicGeneralNG) November 29, 2016

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