Ghana: Cyber crimes thrives as unemployment sores

Ghana: Cyber crimes thrives as unemployment sores

Cybercrime in Ghana is increase as the number of unemployed youth take advantage of unsuspecting people online. (image credit:

The youth in Ghana have resorted to using fake online identities to make a living, this is according to a report by Africa News. With a capita income of $1 700 per year the unemployment rate is at its highiest and the youth seek other means of making a living.

Africa News reports that the young people of Ghana create aliases to lure unsuspecting internet mostly on dating sites and scam them off their money. The fraudsters go to a dating sites to chat and sometimes send pictures in exchange for money.

According to Africa News youth unemployment has risen since 2014 due to slower growth caused by a fiscal crisis and lower global prices for Ghana’s gold, cocoa and oil. Experts say many African countries face a race to increase growth fast enough to absorb young people entering the labour market as the continent’s population swells in coming decades.

Africa News reports that experts believe that the new trend is not a result of unemployment but is a result of a booming e-commerce industry and tech savvy youth taking advantage of it.

Africa News reveals that Ghana’s dating companies warn against giving money online and the government has proposed a security bill to make it easier to stop abuses but smartphones and mobile money services make crime harder to detect.

While some believe the unemployment rate is a result of government not prioritising job creation. Ghana votes on December 7 with President John Mahama and opposition leader Nana Akufo-Addo as he vies for a final four-year term and both candidates consider job creation a top priority.

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