SPONSORED: Benefits of CCTV surveillance technology in schools

SPONSORED: Benefits of CCTV surveillance technology in schools

With surveillance cameras positioned in the exteriors and interiors all around the school will help to avert damage to school property. (image: Pexels.com)

Surveillance cameras have altered the meaning of security monitoring as well as law enforcement measures. The occurrence of theft and threats from wrongdoers and dodgy elements has made it vital to install CCTV security cameras in schools. It helps to reduce the vulnerability experienced by young students and teens.

Running a school defines huge responsibility especially if the school is large anything can go wrong. Surveillance technology like Hikvision CCTV Dubai system has made this task easier for a lot of school around Dubai. The schools become a more secure place.

Benefits of surveillance technology in schools

Deters crime and alleviate the break-ins
Having a CCTV positioned in plain sight decreases criminal activity around that area. A criminal does not desire to be seen on video committing a crime, so they avoid breaking in such properties. Moreover, when school students are aware of being watched they display their best behavior.

Prevent vandalism
Damages to school property are a kind of vandalism experienced often. With surveillance cameras positioned in the exteriors and interiors all around the school will help to avert this sabotage. In case, such event occurs there will be recorded evidence, which helps to take proper action.

Prevent unauthorized intruders
Schools are easy targets for people with crooked aim. They find students as easy victims to the target. No one desires such people to enter the school premises undetected. Appropriate surveillance equipment allows preventing dishonest impostors.

Watch the parking lot
You can monitor the schools parking lot and protect staff’s vehicles. Sometimes an incident happens with a car getting bumped into, in the parking lot and it is difficult to identify the responsible person. Proper security recording allows knowing what happened exactly and whose fault it was.

Watch the off limit areas & remote entrances or exits
It is crucial to each entry & exit points for comprehensive security. Having CCTV equipped with motion detection technology allows alerting you about movement in that remote area. The security cameras can be linked with your mobile, laptop, or desktop. Any authorized staff can be given access on their Smartphone because in emergency, everyone is aware of the activities going on.

Keep an eye on busy corridors
Things tend to occur in crowded areas because more people are around. Such incidents are often minor but in case of major incidents like bullying you have necessary information.

Keep tabs on bathroom entrance
In school bathrooms, many undesirable incidents occur. You cannot position a CCTV camera in bathrooms but monitoring students as they leave or enter is fine. It helps to deter such incidents and even if it occurs, you can check the footage to know precisely who was there.

Discourage sex offenders
Sex offenders cannot reside within a school’s 1,000 feet according to law. A highly visible CCTV security camera around the premises discourages the presence of such immoral people.

Prevents bullying
Bullying is part of school life but with visible surveillance cameras, the opportunities of bullying on the school grounds increases. Thus a safe environment gets created for students to get education.

Help in emergency evacuation
Security system has an alert feature that shows the trouble spot, which needs emergency evacuation. You can easily deter the students out from safe exits.


Student monitoring
Some students come late constantly or violate school rules often. Keeping track of that particular students habit helps to approach this issue on-time.

Staff monitoring
Staff monitoring allows you to know which staff you can rely on to perform more and who only do their job. Thus you can select the right staff for a vital school activity. Security cameras also make teachers conscious about their essential hard work being observed.

Peace of mind
Parents are concerned about general safety of their kids in school due to increase in violent events. With proper surveillance camera guardians and parents attain peace of mind.

Thus, you can see how home and office CCTV security system will be advantageous to schools too. If your school has not considered CCTV security system then this is the time to install one because it can increase enrollment.

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