South Africa: Finance Minister fraud charges dropped and social media reacts

South Africa: Finance Minister fraud charges dropped and social media reacts

South African Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan. (Image Source:

According to ENCA, Pravin Gordhan’s lawyers have confirmed that fraud charges brought against the South African Minister of Finance have been withdrawn by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA).

The NPA held a briefing on Monday in Pretoria where National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP) Shaun Abrahams outlined his reasons for dropping the fraud charges against the Minister.

The Minister was charged with two other co-accused, the former South African Revenue Services (SARS) commissioner Oupa Magashule and former deputy SARS Commissioner Ivan Pillay. Charges against all three have been dropped.

Gordhan and his co-accused faced charges of fraud that relate to a pay-out made by Sars to Pillay when he took early retirement. The Minister was set to appear in court on November 2.

According to the ENCA report, opposition party the Democratic Alliance has called on NDPP Abrahams, to resign from his position.

Social media has reacted to this;

NDPP Shaun Abrahams letter to lawyers confirming charges withdrawn against Pillay, Magashula and Gordhan.

— Mandy Wiener (@MandyWiener) October 31, 2016

#shaunabrahams so now that the charges against Gordhan have been dropped, what fresh hell will JZz unleash in a bid to get rid of him?

— judith february (@judith_february) October 31, 2016 So JZ’s quartet has bn defeated by the public. Zuma & Shaun have no reason to continue in their offices.

— Bantu Holomisa (@BantuHolomisa) October 31, 2016

#NPA Media wants to know why Abrahams didn’t do this review before charging Pravin Gordhan and whether he will resign

— Debora Patta (@Debora_Patta) October 31, 2016

Note to #shaunabrahams, all you needed to say was: “there never was a case against Min Gordhan; charges are hereby withdrawn”.

— Pierre de Vos (@pierredevos) October 31, 2016

So often we have seen individuals in such instances bring civil case against state for damages. Gordhan could bring a massive claim.

— Mandy Wiener (@MandyWiener) October 31, 2016

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